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Classic Gymnastics instructional program continues to expand and now includes:


Students will be placed according to age and ability

Just You and Me, Kid! (15 mos. - 3 yrs.)

A structured introductory class in which a parent or caregiver assists the child while exploring the scaled-down gymnastics equipment and other group activities in developmentally appropriate ways. Music and games are included in this fun class to provide an enjoyable physical, mental and social experience.

Mighty Mites (3 years if ready)

We offer morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday classes for this fun age. An introductory gymnastics curriculum designed for 3 year olds to encourage the development of balance, strength, flexibility, body awareness and confidence. Beyond gymnastics, this class will prepare your child in the areas of turn taking, staying with a group, and following instructions from the teacher as they experience their world in a whole new way.

Little Gymnasts (4 & 5 years)

This class parallels the physical, cognitive and social development of the 4 and 5 year old student. Children explore all the gymnastics activities- vault, bars, beam, tumbling, trampoline, rings, and rope-while taking advantage of their new social and listening skills.

Cartwheelers (6 & up)

A beginner/advanced beginner class which focuses on developing basic skills on all the apparatus. Our program curriculum aims at the total development of each child’s self-confidence and enhancing their physical fitness through instruction on vault, bars, beam, tumbling, trampoline and fun activities like rope, rings, and parachute.

Beginner Springer/Springer (9 & up)

Accommodates Beginner through Intermediate levels. An intermediate level class which builds on the foundation skills in gymnastics and introduces more complex skills. We recommend that students at this level take advantage of our multiple class discounts to enroll in more than one class per week. X-Factor for our intermediate and advanced tumbling/trampoline students is a 3 hour intensive tumbling class.

Boy's Classes use boys' apparatus

Cartwheel Boys, Springer Boys and Shooting Star Boys uses boy's apparatus.  Focus on necessary strength training.

Shooting Stars (8 & up)

A class offered to accommodate the more advanced gymnast. A Shooting Star has developed the strength and flexibility they need to accomplish more advanced skills on floor, bars, beam vault and trampoline. Call it an art or a sport, gymnastics is something that needs endless hours of dedicated practice. This two-hour class is offered twice weekly and includes running handsprings and aerial moves.

Tumbling +Trampoline classes:

Beginner through advanced levels tumbling and trampoline class

Future Stars (6 years - 11): This is a fantastic class for all tumblers and cheerleaders wanting to work on ​Handstand, Cartwheel, Round Off, Handsprings and Jumps

Power Tumblers and Adult Tumble (12 years- adult): Intermediate through Advanced tumbling and trampoline class. Our focus is on ​skills to include Cartwheel variations, Round Off, Handsprings, Aerials, Saltos and Twists, Progression drills and Proper Technique


Exhibition Power Team Gym (ages 5 - adult)

A competitive and performance team competing in group tumbling, vault, trampoline and two floor routines (one competitive and one performance).  I love that boys and girls compete together on this USAG team and you do not age out.  Travel and fund-raising is involved.

Entrance on team is by tryout or invitation only.  Call to arrange an appointment if you feel your child is ready for this opportunity and commitment.  Travel and fund-raising is involved.

Make up Procedures

Should your child miss a class, we offer make-up classes (excluding gym holidays).  Make-up classes must be scheduled in advance so that we can maintain the optimal student-teacher ratio in each class.  No drop-in make ups will be accepted.  If no comparable class suits your schedule, your child may attend an Open Gym for free.  All missed classes must be made-up within 30 days. 

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